Monday, April 22, 2013

We ARE Beautiful

This is such a powerful video, and one that I feel like all women need to see. As women, we can be so hard on ourselves and forget that we are perfectly created in the image of God. We are His beloved and beautiful child. The lies that Satan throws at us surround us each day...You're not thin enough. You're not tone enough. You're hair is not silky enough. You're getting wrinkles. You need a tan. You're chest is too big/small. You're bottom is too big/small...the whispers of the enemy never seem to stop. But, there's also another voice that never stops speaking to us. And, this voice is one that can never lie, does not accuse, and only speaks in love...the voice of our Sweet, Sweet Savior- Jesus...You are so beautiful. You are created uniquely in my image, and there is no other like you. I knit you together in your mother's womb, and my finger prints cover you. I know every hair on your beautiful head, and I know the deepest parts of you. You are my beloved. This voice is the voice of truth. So, I ask, which one are you going to listen to and choose to believe? In today's society it can be so easy to buy into the lies and try with our own strength to "make ourselves better." However, this is why we are to take every thought captive and heed the word of God and what He has to say about us. Oh, friends, there is such freedom to be found when we silence the enemy and listen to His voice, instead. Listen close...for He is always speaking.


  1. Thank you for sharing this video. Beautiful! Psalm 139:14 is my life verse. Each day I need to remind myself to believe His truth and not the enemy. I'm so moved by your words and the video. Again...THANK YOU. I'm still watching and wow...tears falling.

  2. I just put this on the SDG facebook page yesterday. I wept and I thought about how much our self-perceptions do not match up with how God sees us. so glad you posted this here.