Wednesday, July 24, 2013

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Whew! Another Wednesday down, which means only 2 more days to the weekend!!!! This pregnant girl truly does love her weekends :) Anyhow, just a quick catch up of some things I've been loving lately...

1.) The Praise Baby Collection! My mom bought me my first CD about a month ago, and I just love to sing along to our little one. I hope to have all the CDs/DVDs soon :)
A perennial favorite for parents, grandparents, teachers, care-givers and churches, The Praise Baby Collection nurtures a baby’s mind, soul and spirit with recognized worship music.

2.) I'm loving that I've been feeling our sweet baby move/kick for over 3 weeks now!!! What an amazing feeling and oh, how I praise the Lord everyday for this little blessing He is perfectly knitting together. I cannot even begin to express with words how incredibly thankful I am! Keep kicking, little one...your Mommy loves it :)

3.) Okay, so I know I'm looking a little ahead, but basically I think I can get through the rest of the summer without having to buy new clothes (thanks to my dresses ;), but as for my fall/winter wardrobe...we're going to have to add a few new pieces! Ha! Here are a couple of my fav's so far...

Styling the Bump
I really like the comfy/casual look of this outfit. Not to mention, how cute is her bump with that belt?!
Fall Maternity Clothing
(Nevermind the strange, out of place pic of the random.) I love the sweater and jeans with the TOMS. Ooo, and the purse, earrings, and bracelets are super cute, too!

4.) I'm loving this song by All Sons and Daughters. Motherhood is such a high calling, and I am so grateful that He has called me higher.

5.) And, as always, I'm loving my awesome husband who brought me home a chocolate explosion blizzard, and who loves talking to our little one in my belly. It melts my heart when he prays for our baby, and kisses them good morning/night! So sweet, indeed :) I can't wait for our Ikea trip on Saturday to get some items for the nursery!

That's all for tonight. I just might surprise y'all with yet another post tomorrow...

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