Saturday, June 2, 2012

Praying The Fruit of the Spirit in Our Marriage: Day 4

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     Today we are going to look at practicing patience in our marriage. As Jeff and I were on a date last night, I told him that my next topic was on patience and asked if he had any advice. Here's what he said..."Have it!" Haha. Sounds good enough to me, but it's not always that easy, is it? We're running behind, and we get impatient. We have to wait in line for only 5 minutes to order our coffee, and we get impatient. We're ready to leave the party, our spouse is still talking, and we get impatient. But, really, why are we so anxious? Could it be because we live in a society that is constantly screaming at us to hurry up? Or could it simply be the Father testing us to help develop Godly character?

     He is so patient with us, (more than we could ever deserve) and we should be just as quick to practice patience with others, especially our spouse. They were given to us to help us, and when we lash out at them in impatience, then we are doing nothing but building up communication barriers, and hindering our marriage. One real problem I think we have as women, is thinking our husbands aren't doing what they are supposed to do, or being the leaders that they should. We get impatient, so what do we try and do? We try to, "fix them." May I point out that this is a very dangerous thing to do. We cannot possibly be the Holy Spirit to our husbands, and it is only up to God to make our husbands into the men they were called to be.

     As I was reading through different marriage devotionals from Proverbs31, I came across this article and thought it hit the nail on the head. Please click here to read it. We are not to "play God," in our marriages. We will only end up frustrated and exhausted. Instead, we need to be patient wives and trust the Lord to take care of the rest.

     Will you give up control today and leave it in His hands? I promise He is more than able to meet our needs and He will always come through for His time. We need only to be patient and enjoy the journey along the way.

Dear Gracious Father, I come to you now and ask that you will help me to be a wife of patience. You are so patient with me, Father, and I desire that same unending patience in our marriage. Please help me to know that you are in control, and you are daily transforming Jeff into the man you created him to be. Lord I praise you for your Omnipotent power, and thank you for your great mercy. Amen.

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