Friday, February 24, 2012

A Day of Organization

     Finally, after a week of technical difficulties, a trip to Best Buy, and a new laptop... I'm back. I have had so many things I wanted to post this week, but our six year old computer finally gave out on us. So, needless to say we have a lot of catching up to do. I was off on Monday due to President's Day, so I decided that I would tackle our horribly out of control utility room and pantry. Here are the before pics...(I know I'm a brave soul! :)

     As you can see, the floor was covered and our organizers were not being utilized in the correct manner. My laundary system consisted of trowing the dirty clothes in the utility room, and then placing the clean clothes on top of the dryer when they were done. Please take it from me...this is NOT an effective system. The clutter became overwhelming and I knew something needed to be done.

I began by making these handmade labels for each compartment of the organizer....

And after 10 loads of laundary, approximately six hours, and 15 headaches later...

I could finally see the floor. Nevermind the fact that the flooring is not complete. The previous pictures probably explain why :)

     In between washings, I decided to take on the pantry. This did not take nearly as long; maybe twenty minutes tops. I also made handmade labels for the different items in our pantry, including cereal, snacks, tea, pasta, etc.



     Along with organizing the utility room and pantry, I also did the dishes, cleared off and sanitized the countertops, swept and mopped the kitchen and bathroom floors, wiped down the vanity, walls, and shower in the bathroom, oiled the kitchen, pantry, and bathroom cabinets, dusted the living room and our bedroom, and vacummed the living room, sunroom, and bedroom floor. Whew! As you can see it was a very productive day, and after nearly a week, I am proud to say that we have maintained a clean laundary room and a clutter free house.