Monday, July 16, 2012

Rehearsal Dinner/Wedding Day Fun

     Last week was very busy with all things wedding. Let's begin with the rehearsal dinner! (Warning: This post includes A LOT of pictures)...

Did my mom do an  awesome job, or what? It was absolutely beautiful. Here are a few more pics of the decorations...

This was the table that was set up as you walked into the door, which included a gorgeous picture frame with some pics of them and the resolution for men and women.

This was the copy that Aaron signed...


And, this was the one that Kathleen signed. (I know the print is small, but it was the largest copy I could I find.)

Each table was set with these mini picture frames, which each couple got to take home.

Along with the pictures, each table was also set with some of my great Grandma Conn's cookies. We make a ton of these cookies at Christmas, and my mom thought it would be a neat way to honor her. Love it!

And, just because I thought it was pretty, here is one more pic of one of the table settings. Again, I am amazed by my mother's and aunt's decorating abilities, and hope that I can be half as talented as they are.

Me and the handsome groom! He gave a beautiful speech, which included the sweetest letter to me...and of course...I cried.

My groom and me :) Doesn't he look cute in his tie?!

My cousin Austin and his girlfriend Sarah.

The beautiful Ms. Hannah!

My beautiful Mom :)

All us girls!!!

Jeff and I with the bride and groom.

Daddy and me! (I caught him during cleanup :)

And, of course..when us cousins get together, you can bet we are going to have a great time together.

Whew! This wedding stuff has really brought out the anger in my Big Bro. Haha!

      I think that's about it for the dinner. Now, for the wedding. ( I don't have any pictures of the actual wedding, due to the fact that I was in it.)

Here's a picture of the beautiful bride! Her dress was gorgeous!

And, here's the handsome groom :)

Love this pic ;)

Me and my girls! Love them!

Mom and Dad :)

Izzy giving the peace sign.

The flowers were beautiful. (Really this picture doesn't give them justice.)

They drove off in this neat, restored mustang, and wow...what a sweet moment it was!

     The ceremony was so beautiful. It was so Christ centered, and I did pretty good holding it together...until this song was sang...

How could you not cry with this song? So sweet :)

     He choose, "Mama," by Boys to Men, for his dance with mom, and Kathleen's Dad choose the song, "My wish," by Rascal Flats. Both were such sweet moments indeed. And, as for their first dance together, they chose, "You and Me," by The Dave Matthews Band. I love this song and it fits them so well. I look forward to many more years of memories with the both of them, and know they will do great things for the Kingdom of God. I am so happy for them, and love them deeply.

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