Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sunday Worship Song

     I love the beautiful truth this song speaks about His love towards us. God loves us so much, and there's nothing we could do to change that. That's the beauty and the message of the cross...He loves us... period. He shouts it everyday in His mercies new each morning, the singing of the birds, the warm sun shining down on us, and the beautiful sunsets He paints in the evening sky. Today I would encourage you to step outside, listen and look to His creation that surrounds you, and know that He loves you.  What a great God we worship, indeed. Have a blessed and beautiful Sunday, friends.


  1. Visiting from A Holy Experience - such beautiful words that you wrote, in response to God's amazing love - and such beautiful words in the song!

  2. Visiting from Miscelleny Monday---this song is beautiful! I love it!