Wednesday, August 8, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

     As it turns out, I've got a small case of fall fever. I would love to go swimming a couple more times, but...overall...I'm ready for fall. I love the aromas of fall, the foods of fall, the activities of get the point. Here are a few of my favorite fall picks so far...

1.) Fall Clothes. I love it all. The boots, the sweaters, leggings..everything!

for fall

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fall boots?

fall/winter boots

2.) Fall food. From chili to apple dumplings...I love it all!

Oh fall, you have the most delicious foods.


Fresh Pumpkin Pie

3.) Fall Scenery. I love the spectacular colors of fall and how you can see God's handiwork in the leaves, sky, flowers, etc. He is truly an amazing artist, as these pics clearly show...

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4.) Bluegrass music. Am I the only one who likes different music for different seasons? It seems like each fall I really enjoy songs with a hint of country/blugrass, like this...

That's all for tonight, friends!

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