Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A Quick Catch-Up

     I'm am so missing you all here, and after Thursday I will have a lot more time to dedicate to this blog, as my semester will be over. I wanted so badly to post last night, but after taking three quizzes...I was done with thinking for the night. Last week was jammed pack with fun activities...
On Thursday I had coffee with my beloved best friend from high school, Amber. I love this girl so much, and was saddened that our time together was so short. Amber and I have this way of just picking up where we left off, and there is never a quiet moment. It was my first time meeting her sweet baby boy, Miles. He is so precious and most definitely a very content boy. Here's a pic of all of us...

On Friday night, my church held it's annual disabilities prom called, Shine. This is always such an incredible and humbling experience. The presence and love of Christ is undeniable. This year we had the privilege of escorting a sweet young lady who was such a blast!

She was very anxious to play games, so that was our first stop. By the end of the night she had 12 prizes!
Hanging out with the girls!
After taking a picture with Kathleen and I, she requested a pic with "just the boys." :)
This was another young man that we met last year. He is hilarious! :)
Bustin' a Move! She loves to dance.

Stealing a dance with the boys :)
This was such a fun night and as I said last year, this was their night to Shine, and our night to let His love Shine.
On Saturday, Jeff and I went on an early morning walk with my best friend Stacey, her husband, and her daughter for the March of Dimes walk. After that, it was time to prepare for my Aunt Norma's annual Fall Party. As promised, I made the adorable owl cupcakes from Pinterest...
I was very pleased with how they turned out, and they received many compliments :)
Me and my Sweet Husband. I love this guy so much!
My beloved brother and sister-in-law. And, yes...jokes on me as Kathleen's little sister decided to give me bunny ears :)
My awesome parents. Love them!
The hilarious Izzy!
My girls Hannah and Emily.
Mom and Aunt Tammy.
And...last but not least, my Great Aunts Rosie and Norma. I love both of these women so much and they have more influence on me than they'll ever know.
     Okay.Wow, that was a long list! As you can see life has been very full lately but so much fun! I am very blessed to have a wonderful family and they are all so dear to me. I have many more things to share, but it's 12:20 am...and I am ready for bed. Goodnight, friends!

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