Tuesday, October 30, 2012

As for Me and My House-Week 4

     Thanks so much for joining me for the fourth and final week of this series. I have had so much fun sharing my thoughts and tips with you all and hope you have enjoyed it as well. Since we are getting ready to enter the Christmas season, which is a time for peace, I thought I'd end with just that...peace in the home.

     We all long for peace in our homes, dont' we? However at times the demands of life get so overwhelming that conflict and miscommunication are inevitable. But, take heart friends...we can set an atmosphere of peace in our homes. I love the idea that Courtney from Women Living Well had of lighting a big candle in your home and praying for peace each time you walked by and saw the warm, serene glow of the flame. I love, love, love candles so this is a technique I've adopted for our home. Each time I walk by and notice the flickering, I instantly pray that our home and marriage would be one of peace, love, and joy. I also then take a minute to pray for the safety of my husband, and thank God for all of the blessings he has so graciously given me. I am so undeserving but bask in the goodness of his glory and loving-kindness.

     Another way to add peace is by playing positive music. It's not unusual for Jeff to come home to me cooking in the kitchen while listening to our local Christian radio station or some other Christian album. Some of my fav's are Steven Curtis Chapman, Casting Crowns, Jeremy Camp, and Bethany Dillon. All elements affect the atmosphere of peace in the home, including sounds, so why not fill you home with joyful noises unto the Lord.

     Lastly, (and I know I've touched on this before) pray for peace in the home and ask God to give you the wisdom to discern anything that is threatening the peace of your home. Some examples of this may include constant arguing, watching inappropriate movies/shows, listening to distasteful music, etc. Our home should be our haven and a safe place to land after a long day. We should want to come home and enjoy being there!

     As the holiday's are upon us, I pray that we will look to the Prince of Peace and strive to be Proverbs 31 women who look to the needs of our family and home before ourselves. Happy Homemaking everyone! Thanks again so much for joining me on this journey. You all are the best!

Remember that Steven Curtis Chapman album I mentioned earlier? This is by far one the best songs that he has ever written and is such a peaceful worship song. Sometimes I turn this on and just sit quietly with my eyes closed worshiping our wonderful Heavenly Father.  Not to mention the crazy, powerful lyrics....

Come rest your head upon his breast
Listen to the rhythm of his unfailing heart of love
Beating for His little ones
Calling each of us to come
Be still, Be still


This one gets me every time. I imagine myself just crawling up in God's lap, laying my head on his broad chest and listening to His heart. With every beat I can hear Him say, "Be still my child. I've got you; you're safe. I created you for my pleasure. You are fearfully and wonderfully made, and I love you more than anything in the world." God is so good, isn't He? Be blessed this week, friends.


  1. I love SCC! Have you seen him in concert? Amazing. And these ideas for creating peace--wonderful! I always forget about lighting candles and I have tons of them. Lighting one today:) Blessings! Visiting from www.toshowthemjesus.com

  2. Hi Ashley,
    Great song selections - I love them all! It's so important that we set the right tone in our homes. When my kids were little (they're now in college), I posted James 3:16 on the fridge:
    For where you have envy and selfish ambition, there you find disorder and every evil practice.

    I could sense evil hanging in the air when they started arguing, so I did everything I could quickly resolve the conflict and keep the sibling squabbling to a minimum. Blessings to you as you make your home a haven of peace!

    Linking up from Leaving a Legacy,

  3. Awesome post! Dropping by from Almost Friday Thursday blog hop...

  4. Thanks! I just had a beautiful time of worship listening to SCC! Creating a peaceful refuge in our home is so important. Did my children argue when they were young? You bet! But God was so faithful to help us discern, pray, and (most of the time) maintain our inner peace.
    Thanks for these great ideas for creating a peaceful home. May God bless you as you create a home where God's sweet peace reigns.

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  5. Love to find sisters in Christ!!
    I am your newest follower from the Its almost friday hop...I would love a visit and follow back!

  6. lovely. Thank you for joining in the fun at the Thursday Favorite Things hop. Happy Monday wishes xo P.S. sorry I'm so late visiting :-)

  7. Thank you for joining in the fun at the Thursday Favorite Things hop. Happy Tuesday wishes xo P.S. sorry I'm so late visiting :-)