Sunday, September 11, 2011

Remembering 9-11

     Hello Friends! Today I wanted to take a minute to remember all of the fallen hero's and the families of 9-11. It was such a tragic day and one that will never be forgotten. My pastor made a really powerful statement today in his sermon when he said, "Satan's goal that day was to bring America to their knees. He just didn't realize the God we prayed to when we were on our knees." The Southeast outlook published an article that was dedicated to remembering 9-11, and in it read some pretty neat statistics. According to the article, because of generous people who gave donations to an organization in New York called the Orchard group, 12 churches have been planted in New York and another 24 in the Northeast corridor. These churches reach about 10,000 people each week and 2,000 have been baptized. The article also stated that before 9-11, only 1% of the people in New York attended evangelical churches. Now, 3% are attending, and the numbers are expected to rise. God in His infinite wisdom, and unfailing love, has and will continue to literally make beautiful things out of the dust. Tonight before you go to sleep, I would ask that you take a moment to be silent before God and remember all of the lives that were taken that day, and pray for comfort and peace for their family members. I also wanted to post this song, and although it doesn't have anything to do with 9-11, it does talk about how God can make beautiful things out of the ashes and dust, so I thought it may be fitting. Have a blessed Sunday.

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