Thursday, October 20, 2011

Gatlinburg Day 2....

And I'm still with these guys!

     Today has been a really fun day. This morning I walked out on the deck and took in the incredible view of the beautiful mountains.

 If you look close at the very top of the mountains, you can see snow.

     We began the day by eating at the Pancake Pantry where I enjoyed a bacon and cheese omelet, and two pancakes. From there we did some shopping, enjoyed a nice cup of coffee, and then came back to the chalet. Since the weather is quite chilly here, the hot tub is feeling perfect. Jeff and I enjoyed about a good hour in it this afternoon while my Mom was grilling out some burgers. When it was time to eat we brought all of but three burgers in because they still needed a few minutes to cook. My mom and brother went back out to get them and found this...

 No burgers, only torn aluminum foil. Proof that we are most likely in bear territory.

     We were going to go back out to make S'mores, but after that we quickly changed our minds. So for now we are just going to lay back and take it easy. Since being here and seeing all of God's beautiful creation, I just keep thinking about this worship song by Cindy Morgan. I hope you enjoy it.

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