Wednesday, October 5, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

     Tonight I am loving the fact that I didn't have to go to class, which allows me to share this new segment with you. I have been wanting to post What I'm Loving Wednesday for a while now, but once I get home from class I am ready to just go to bed. Here are a few things that I'm loving today:

1.)My Slatkin and Co. Fall scented candles. My favorite scents are Pumpkin Patch and Carmel Apple. I love when these candles go on sale at Bath and Body Works, and I especially can't wait to smell the Christmas scents. (Yes, I am already getting excited about Christmas. It is my absolute favorite time of the year, and after Halloween, the Lemr household turns into a winter wonderland! :)

2.) I'm loving the fact that Jeff is creating a beautiful fish pond off of our back patio. He is so talented when it comes to doing outdoor projects, and I think this may be his biggest one yet. 

 The finished product is going to look so good. There is going to be a waterfall coming from the right corner, and possibly a little bridge to cross over.

Although Jeff has done about 95% of the work, I did help dig the enormous hole!

3.) Lastly, I am loving my Granny's old oil lamp. I love the subtle glow that it puts off and the memories that the smell of it brings back. My Granny was terrified of storms and I can remember being in her basement with this lit when the electric went out. It is amazing how a smell can bring back so many memories. I miss my Granny dearly and I am grateful that my mom let me have this.

Have a great night!

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