Saturday, October 22, 2011

Some Pics and a Prank

     Whew! Vacation is going by way too fast. Jeff and I have had such a blast and are looking forward to even more festivities over the next couple of days. Yesterday was filled with shopping at the outlets and my favorite Christmas Place. A couple of years ago when we were here we went to Banana Republic (where I will only shop the clearance racks:) and I found a  really nice pair of jeans for $25. This time I found a even better deal and snagged a pair for $23. The pair I got two years ago still look as good as new even after wearing them and washing them many times, so I am confident that this pair will be just as good. At the Christmas Place I purchased this adorable snowman tower and some owl decor (Don't worry I will have pics of these items in just a couple of weeks!) 
     Today we went horseback riding which was so much fun. I told Jeff my dream is to have a log cabin and a horse someday. (I would have definitely done just fine living in Little House on the Prairie times.) There is just something so serene and beautiful about horses and I would love to own one. I however did have quite the scare on my horse at one point on the trail. Jeff's horse bit my horse in the butt and he took off in a full sprint, going downhill. Can you say terrifying? I was screaming, "Whoa, Whoa!!!" over and over again and pulling on his reigns when he finally stopped. Of course it's funny now and Jeff says the look on my face was priceless, but at the time I was by no means laughing. 
     Lastly, we played a pretty funny prank on my mom tonight. My cousin goes to school here in Tennessee and he came to stay the night with us. His brother had this big foot costume that he put on and came charging at us while we were roasting marshmallows on the deck. My mom didn't know what to think. My brother had locked the door so we couldn't get back in and she was screaming, "What is that?! Who is that?! The door is locked!" It was priceless. Anyways, that's all I have tonight. Here are some pics from the last couple of days.

    Me and my sweet Hubby!

    My Mom and me.

 My Daddy and me.

   Aaron, Kathleen, Jeff, and Me.

       Jeff and Me at the Christmas Place.

A cute Christmas tree (This only adds more anticipation for me;)

   My cousin in the Big Foot costume.


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