Thursday, December 8, 2011

Aliens and Strangers

     Today on my way home from work I decided to stop and pick up a few things from the grocery store. As I was walking in, I noticed a woman who was clearly not from here. (If I had to guess I would say that she was from the Middle East.) She had a cart full of groceries and a couple of bags in her hand. I also noticed that she had a very lost and confused look on her face, and she was looking all around the parking lot as if she were waiting for someone. I instantly thought to myself, "I hope someone hasn't left her and she finds whoever it is she's looking for." I was in the store for about 10 minutes, and when I came out I noticed that she was still standing there with that same lost look on her face.
     I almost walked away but felt prompted by the Holy Spirit to go and ask her if she was okay. I walked up to her and said, "Ma'am are you okay?" She looked at me with a surprised look on her face and it was clear she did not speak a lot of English, so I said, "Are you looking for somebody?" She said, "I'm waiting, somebody, come get these," while pointing to her groceries. I wanted to make sure she was okay so I said, "Oh, are you sure you're okay though?" She assured me that she was and I didn't want to be pushy, so I walked away and got into my car.
     As I drove off I felt as if the Lord said to me, "Ashley, you are no different from her." I then suddenly thought of the verse in 1 Peter 2:11 where we are referred to as, "aliens and strangers in the world." That's when it occurred to me that, just like the woman at the grocery store, I too am looking for someone to come and take my load, and His name is Jesus Christ. This world is not my home, but rather a brief stop on a journey to a much greater place. How I am anxiously awaiting for the day when the Good Shepherd comes to rescue His flock, and take us to lie down in His green pastures. With that I say, "Come quickly Lord, come quick."

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  1. Ooh that is true... I can't remember the name of it but there is a song that the refrain is: take this world and give me Jesus.. and it's about how this world is not our home. Sucha good reminder.