Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Marriage Tip Tuesday

     It has been entirely too long since I've posted a marriage tip, and for that I apologize. When I told Jeff it had been over a month since I've done a Marriage Tip Tuesday post, he jokingly said, "Oh great, marriage must be going bad." I can assure you, that is not the case, I just got really busy with school work and have had a lot of family/church events lately. Speaking of... Last Tuesday my church hosted a women's event with guest speaker Esther Burroughs. I had never heard of her before, but what a delight she was. She was so full of Godly wisdom and told lots of interesting stories.
     One of the stories she shared was that, when she was a young wife and mother she often felt very lonely, due to the fact that her husband was a full time minister who was very dedicated to his ministry. She told of a day that she went to visit her neighbor who was an older woman and a member of her church. Esther sat down with her and began to tell her of her loneliness and asked the woman to say a prayer and ask God to change her husband. The woman held Esther's hand and began to pray with her. She said the woman just kept thanking God over and over again for Esther's husband and the kind of husband, father, minister, man of character, etc. that he was. Esther said she kept thinking to herself, "Okay God, when is she going to ask you to change my husband." She then went on to say that, by the end of that prayer, she couldn't wait to get home and get her hands on her husband because she made him sound so good.
     I thought that was such a cute story, but also a good lesson for us as wives. It is so easy when we are frustrated with our husbands to think, "If he would just change and do..., then I wouldn't be so upset." However, this is a dangerous place to go and can be very harmful to a marriage. The next time you get upset with your husband, (and I'm speaking to myself here, too) instead of wishing he would change, let's begin to thank God for making him the man he is, and ask for God's wisdom to be a better wife. My prayer would go something like this... "Thank you Lord for giving me Jeff and allowing me to be on this journey with him. Thank you Lord, that he is a Christian man who seeks to do your will. Thank you for letting him love me so well. Time after time, Your tender heart and love for me has been displayed through Jeff, and I thank you for that. Thank you for the provider he is for our family. Please fill him with your Spirit daily, and please give me the wisdom to know how to love Jeff and be the wife that he needs me to be. Amen." 
     Speaking of a marriage prayer, I came across this sweet, amazing song the other day, and couldn't wait to share it with you all. What a sweet prayer and a good one to pray over your spouse on a daily basis. Hope you all enjoy this song as much as I did. Have a great night everyone!

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